Change Data Capture

CDC (change data capture) is an approach to data integration that is helping firms obtain greater value from their data by allowing them to integrate and analyze data faster—and using fewer system resources. A highly efficient mechanism for limiting impact on the source extract when loading new data into operational data stores and data warehouses, CDC or change data capture complements ETL and enterprise information integration tools.

CDC eliminates the need for bulk load updating and inconvenient batch windows by enabling incremental loading or real-time streaming of data changes into your data warehouse. It can also be used for populating real-time business intelligence dashboards, synchronizing data across geographically distributed systems, and facilitating zero-downtime database migrations.

    Dataleyk aims to bring the state of art data lake and data analytics solution to its partners. Handling daily growing big data became always a challenge for companies. In-house data warehousing and data lake require complex solutions and massive resources which is a double burden, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.


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