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Why pay for what you don’t use? Dataleyk offers you a pay-as-you-go approach for pricing for storage, computing and ingestion services. By paying for services on an as needed basis, you can redirect your focus to innovation and invention, reducing procurement complexity and enabling your business to be fully elastic.


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    Can I use Dataleyk with my own storage?

    The storage service is not required to use our data platform. Dataleyk allows you to store your final data in your own storage. The only requirement is your storage must be S3 compatible.

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    How does storage pricing work?

    In case you do not want to use your storage, Dataleyk offers storage which is calculated over compressed data. We do use special algorithms to provide you the best compression for saving your costs. Our system compress your data up to 20x (it's up to your data).

    Example: In case you have ingested 15TB data and after ETL process your data compressed 10 times. Then you will pay only (15 TB / 10) * 24 = 36.

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    How computing calculation works?
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    How does ingestion service pricing work?

    The pricing of the ingestion service is the easiest part of our pricing. It's calculated monthly from you subscription day. You only pay 0,1 (10 cent) per GB.

    Example: Customer has ingested 500 GB in one month. The total amount will be 0.1 * 500 = 50


  • COMPUTING Calculates per second with minimum one-minute from
  • 2 / Hour
  • Incredibly fast
  • Fault-tolerant
  • Reduce costs by %70
  • Zero administration
  • Highly reliable
  • INGESTION Calculates monthly for the total ingested data
  • 0,1 / GB
  • Zero extra costs
  • Millions of events per second
  • Easy of use
  • Fully encrypted
  • Automated DataOps

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