Fully managed Cloud Data Platform

An all-in-one platform to drive insights from data.

The missing link in becoming data-driven

One of the biggest challenges facing SMBs today is that they are simply not aware of the value of big data analytics. Many think that it’s not viable in their business - or even if they did, most believe they don’t and can’t have the right infrastructure required for big data analytics or the technical staff required to drive results from data.

Dataleyk addresses these challenges with a fully-managed cloud data platform.

Analyze data

Analyze data

When working with extremely large and complex data sets (called big data), computing efficiency becomes much more important. Your analytics hardware and software can make analysis take minutes or days.

Instead of putting the burden of developing and maintaining the right IT infrastructure on the business, Dataleyk provides a cloud-based data platform that is fully managed for you.

Configuring the right data environment and choosing the computing preferences takes minutes in Dataleyk. Once set up, SMEs can run interactive ad-hoc queries, long-running ETL jobs using SQL engine, and much more.

Drive insights

Drive insights

Processing data efficiently is only half the battle - the other half is driving insights from clean data. In traditional infrastructures, driving insights requires creating an ecosystem made up of a wide range of tools and software for data processing, governance, visualization, and BI.

This requires expensive upfront investments in hardware and software licensing fees as well as dedicated DevOps teams for administration. It is nearly impossible to do so without technical expertise.

Dataleyk, however, offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution that includes everything an SMB needs to begin extracting value from data.

How Dataleyk Works?


Getting Started

Getting started with Dataleyk is as simple as clicking the ‘free trial’ button. You can create your own account immediately to claim the €400 in free credit to test our value. Pricing is transparent and easy to understand, allowing SMBs to quickly get started.


Import Data

Simply point the repository to the platform and Dataleyk will get to work. Dataleyk enables data ingestion from a wide variety of sources, including public directories over REST API and syncing the historical data from a database, using S3.


Query Data

Dataleyk offers a user-friendly interface for querying data. Once the data is ingested and processed, simply make a table and start querying. Quickly and easily create a table based on the raw data that you require with no stress or hassle.


Gain Insights

Our end-to-end data platform does not stop at data processing. Users also have access to visualize results from Datelyk’s AI powered graphs that convert numbers to insights. Our platform also offers easy integrations with popular BI tools right out of the box.

Security & Scalability

Security & Scalability

Dataleyk runs on AWS data centers around the world. This means Dataleyk users enjoy the high availability of AWS servers as well as the best in data security along with automatic server-side encryption (AES-256) and GDPR compliance.


Streaming Data

Streaming Data

Dataleyk provides fully-managed, highly scalable and cost effective data ingestion service.

Data Connectors

Data Connectors

Ingest your data from multiple sources with built-in data connectors.

Data Catalog

Data Catalog

Dataleyk automatically keeps track of your schema detection and makes it easy to manage.

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