Marketing / Advertising

Smart marketing and growth are directly correlated. We believe, to understand your customer behavior and to bring respective content is the core of your business success. Dataleyk’s platform and big data analytics solutions enable you to digest your audience insights and to bring data-driven smart solutions to your current and prospective customers.

Financial Service

If the world is finance, then finance is data. To collect and compute all data in one platform enables financial entities to have access and analyze data from one source. Dataleyk enables banks, insurance companies, fintech, and many other financial institutions more agile, reliable, secure, and customer behavior-oriented. Our cutting edge infrastructure will simplify financial entities to have a data-driven decision.

Retail / eCommerce

Consumption insights of consumers are not stable. It is developing and being modified day by day. To digest customers’ changing experiences and to bring respective solutions keeps Retail and e-Commerce businesses growing. Dataleyk is side by side with the retail industry to help handle the immense volume of structured and unstructured data. Easily managed Dataleyk platform enables retail business entities to decrease costs and increase efficiency.

Healthcare / Life Science

In the era of digitalization healthcare and life science industry should also be adopted to automate its data management. Dataleyk solutions enable the healthcare industry to structure and review all its data from one source. Considering that having data management and analytics specialists is an extra burden, Dataleyk with its cost-effective and high-end solutions helps the healthcare and life science industry to handle its big data by more efficient and patient-oriented.

Public Sector

Smart governance and better public services are the modern-day demand. In public sector data comes usually different sources and it is needed to aggregate all this data into one source. Our end-to-end encrypted infrastructure empowers public institutions to store, compute and ingest highly scalable structured and unstructured data and to get output of this data from one source.


Consolidated and integrated big data analysis enables educational institutions to understand their audience’s needs and expectations. Our multidirectional data lake platform with its single query code and zero maintenance enables education institutions to decrease their costs and increase agility and effective management.

    Dataleyk aims to bring the state of art data lake and data analytics solution to its partners. Handling daily growing big data became always a challenge for companies. In-house data warehousing and data lake require complex solutions and massive resources which is a double burden, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.


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