Big Data Analytics Made Simple.

Dataleyk is the secure, fully-managed cloud data platform for SMBs. Our mission: make Big Data Analytics easy and assessable to all.

Dataleyk makes it easy and fast to have a stable, flexible and reliable cloud data lake platform with near-zero technical knowledge where you could store all of the company data from every single source, explore with SQL and visualize with either your favorite BI tool or advanced built-in graphs.


Why Dataleyk?

Prepare for takeoff with the cloud data platform
Ready For Takeoff

Start now to modernize your data warehousing with fully featured platform instead of investing vast amount of capital and time on DIY infrastructure.

secure data platform
Highly Secure

Data is asset. Dataleyk is consent managed data platform, which encrypts your all data and offers you to chose on demand or on premise data warehousing.

dataleyk no maintenance cloud data platform
Zero Maintenance

Get rid of complexity of infrastructure management with near-zero maintenance by eliminating service delivery efforts and optimization of the infrastructure.

dataleyk cost savings data platform
Cost Effective

With its up to 20x compression and extremely fast ingestion technology Dataleyk enables companies decreasing processed volume of data while increasing cost benefit ratio.

Why pay for what you don’t use?

Simple Pricing

  • COMPUTING Calculates per second with minimum one-minute from
  • 2 / Hour
  • Incredibly fast
  • Fault-tolerant
  • Reduce costs by %70
  • Zero administration
  • Highly reliable
  • INGESTION Calculates monthly for the total ingested data
  • 0,1 / GB
  • Zero extra costs
  • Millions of events per second
  • Easy of use
  • Fully encrypted
  • Automated DataOps

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    Dataleyk aims to bring the state of art data lake and data analytics solution to its partners. Handling daily growing big data became always a challenge for companies. In-house data warehousing and data lake require complex solutions and massive resources which is a double burden, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.


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